During  2014 Breckland re-homed 211 cats and helped 376. Breckland Cats' Protection is made up entirely of volunteers, some helping occasionally and others helping every day. None of these volunteers get paid and all money donated to us goes towards the care of the cats/kittens, vet bills, food bills etc.  We neutered and returned 82 ferals.  Some of these ferals were originally abandoned pets who had not been neutered and had kittens which were feral because they were born into the wild.  If only people would have their cats neutered.  It’s a tough life for a feral, owners think their cat will revert to wild and look after itself if abandoned but the majority lead unhealthy, miserable, short lives.  The average life span for a feral is 5 years as compared to 15-20 years for domestic cats.PLEASE HAVE YOUR CATS/KITTENS NEUTERED/SPAYED AND MICRO CHIPPED. At the begining of this year we still have 27 cats in our care who are looking for loving forever homes. If you can help us by volunteering or re-homing one of our lovely cats who didn't ask to be abandoned.  Please telephone 01953 681092, thank you